The 19 Best Star Trek Trivia Team Names

star trek trivia team names

star trek trivia team names

Looking for a good Star Trek pub trivia team names for your next trivia night? Look no further, we have you covered.

The Best Star Trek Trivia Team Names:

  1. Do I Riker? I Never Even Met Her!
  2. The Wesley Crushers
  3. The Picard Maneuver
  4. Worf of Wall Street
  5. The Earl Grey Hotties
  6. The Four Lights
  7. Set Phasers To ‘Guess’
  8. Bajoran Ballers
  9. Picard-er Questions, These Are Too Easy
  10. The Number Ones
  11. The Q&A Continuum
  12. Transporter Room Three
  13. The Data Crunchers
  14. Check Yourself Before You Holodeck Yourself
  15. Ferengi-lickin’ Good
  16. Team Troi-via or The Ladys of Troi
  17. The Gorn Ultimatum
  18. The 10 Forwards
  19. Riker’s Beard

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