Madden 15 predicted the outcome of Super Bowl XLIX

The future is now and it is a little creepy. This year’s Madden sim predicted the outcome of Super Bowl XLIX. Not only the score, but many of the highlights as well:

  • Final score: 28-24, yep Madden sim guessed it.
  • The Madden sim predicted New England would trail 24-14 in the third quarter before staging a comeback.
  • Game-winning touchdown pass to wide receiver Julian Edelman. Yep, Madden guessed that as well.
  • The sim had Edelman finish as the Patriots’ top receiver, with eight catches for 106 yards. Edelman ended the Super Bowl with nine catches for 109 yards. Scary close.
  • Brady won the game with 328 yards and 4 touchdowns. The simulation missed by only seven yards, predicting 335 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Now if only Madden sim could land a head coaching gig in the NFL.



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